“SPECIAL” Model: A Personalized Loyalty Program for the LGBT Customer


  • Ronnaphop Nopsuwan University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
  • Jantima Kheokao University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce


LGBT Consumer Behavior, Brand Loyalty, CRM, Communications, LGBT


The research is an integrative review based on an LGBT customer loyalty program, consumer behavior, customer relationship management, and communication published in six databases totaling 650 papers from 2015 to 2020 such as Communication & Mass Media Complete, Emerald Insight, ERIC, British Library, Gale Virtual Reference Library, and Google Scholar. Integrative content analysis was conducted on research, textbooks in marketing communication, and related fields to identify the factors that can effectively draw prospective LGBT customers. The theoretical model “SPECIAL” was proposed which responds to LGBT special and personal needs. The model comprises seven factors that reflect the characteristics of the LGBT. They are Sociality (S); Personalization (P); Emotional (E); Consumer-Centric (C); Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC); Personal Selling (I), Attitude of Brand (A); and Loyalty Program (L). This model can increase the brand experience of the LGBT customer. A further study to test the viability of the model is recommended.