Sino-Egypt Relations in the Context of BRI


  • Adawi Amr Adawi Ahmed Shanghai International Studies University


Egypt, China, Belt and Road, Arab world, Africa, Investment, economic development


Sino-Egypt diplomatic relationships were established in May 1956. In 2013, China launched the "Belt and Road" Initiative (BRI) and welcomed countries along the route to contribute in cooperation in the BRI framework. In 2014, the new-elected President of Egypt, Sisi, visited China, and the two countries improved their bilateral relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership. In 2016, Egypt launched a new strategy for national development, "Egypt Vision 2030". Therefore, the two countries are cooperating according to these two planes. This paper analyzes Sino-Egypt relations in the context of BRI. When China proposed the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, Egypt was one of the first countries to sign the agreement. Sino-Egyptian relations have significantly developed since the early 2010s. Based on a solid foundation, China's President Xi Jinping and Al-Sissi sealed an "integral strategic partnership" between the two nations in 2014. This research paper provides an overview of this evolution and explores fields of cooperation between the two countries. The report sheds light on collaboration in bilateral areas, especially in the Belt and Road Initiative framework launched by China. The paper explores how Egypt and China reinforce each other in their common search for
economic development.